BMW Steering Rack Upgrade

Negligence of the steering system in your vehicle can lead to serious damage to your steering rack and if not serviced straightaway, could lead to a power steering rack rebuild. A simple thing like not checking fluid levels can lead to a major failure at the least expected moment. If you notice any abnormalities in the functioning of your power steering please contact our workshop immediately or if you are not happy with the steering performance of your BMW E30 we can offer a BMW E30 power steering upgrade and you will notice the difference immediately. Disregarding any steerage malfunction may lead to dangerous situations while driving. The basic failures of the steering gear are caused by excessive looseness in the joints of the rods, switches, deregulated sprockets, damaged boots or damaged seals. Most indications that you have a problem will be audible, usually a thumping, grinding or tapping sound, also visual, leakage of hydraulic fluid onto your drive. There is also the mechanical factor, difficulty in controlling your vehicle. If you have any of these symptoms please contact LPSR and use the services of our specialists technicians who are fully conversant in all the problems associated with your BMWs steering system, from minor repairs to a BMW E30 steering rack rebuild.

BMW E36 steering rack rebuild, BMW E46 steering rack rebuild or any other BMWs rack or box repair?

The power steering system within your vehicle works under very severe conditions. Like any moving part this leads to slow and systematic deterioration of the internal and external parts of this intricate system. Very often this inevitable deterioration happens so slowly that we are not able to sense the increasingly inferior control of the vehicle until something major gives way, leaving us stranded on a freeway or minor road. We hope this does not happen to you. It should be noted that the steering system within your vehicle is a very sensitive and vulnerable mechanism. In our work, we focus primarily on providing the highest quality of services, our quality control is second to none we need it to be, your safety is at stake. If you are not sure that your steering system is fully functional we will undertake a full inspection and put your mind at ease. If you are in need a repair or upgrade of any BMW model, we will make it easier for you by offering a very competitive prices and a full guarantee of all work undertaken by our professional team. When we hand your vehicle back to you, you can be assured that your vehicle has received a top-notch evaluation, repair a fully roadworthy steering system and once again you will be able to enjoy safe and comfortable driving.

Thanks to our professional staff and modern machinery, we have quickly gained high recognition within the industry for the diligent services provided by LPSR and our specialized steering rack repair technicians and have always been highly praised by all our long list of satisfied customers. We look forward to meeting you personally to discuss your vehicles power steering faults.

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