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BMW Power Steering Upgrades

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At LPSR we provide professional, affordable, comprehensive repairs. We are a reputable company with many years’ of experience in the industry and a power steering specialists, characterized by reliability, punctuality and professionalism. We invite you to join our many satisfied customers who have contacted us due to a power steering fluid leak and make an appointment today. Remember the longer you put off a power steering leak, the heftier the repair bill is likely to be, or worst. At LPSR’s extensive, state of the art, well equipped workshop we offer a detailed and all-encompassing service especially tailored for your steering gear’s specific problem. Is your power steering pump leaking? Can you notice that a red fluid is staining your garage? If yes, it is a first sign that you have an issue and your power steering components needs attention.

Has the steering gear in your car crashed? Take it to the proven repairer LPSR !

The steering system is a very important component of your vehicle, if you notice a transmission fluid leak from your power steering pump, box, rack or you hear a click or a clatter or the steering becomes erratic or the vehicle becomes hard to steer, it inevitably means that you have a problem with your steering system. You need help from the power steering specialists LPSR. Your car is no longer safe and you need a power steering repair. Our team is more than happy to look after it.

A fault in the power steering can be caused by many things, something small such as uneven tire wear or something more troubling like water or a contaminate in the hydraulic fluid. Generally, as stated previously, a leak is the most common fault when it comes to power steering and usually the first thing to be noticed by that unsightly stain appearing on your garage floor or driveway. If it is not repaired quickly, the power steering pump may seize due to lack of fluid or contaminates finding their way into the steering gear system and quickly corroding vital parts.

Choose a proven service provider, LPSR.

We offer a new or fully rebuilt replacement power steering parts service for an extensive range of vehicles, inclusive of BMW, AUDI, VW and many more. At LPSR our professional technicians will quickly diagnose the problem within your steering system and efficiently eradicate it! We will repair your steering support systems professionally and reliably.

By entrusting your vehicle to our specialists, you are assured of a trouble free comprehensive driving. We focus primarily on offering a guaranteed, high quality and competitive priced service within the shortest period of time possible.

Entrust the steering system of your vehicle to LPSR specialists and join the group of satisfied customers who enjoy safe, trouble-free and comfortable driving!

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