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  • What is LPSR?
    LPSR stands for Lucas Power Steering Racks. We're a Western Australian Business specialising in steering parts upgrades for BMW models like the E30, E36, E46, and Z3. We've got the gear to soup up your steering linkages, sort you out with conversion lines, remanufactured steering racks like ZHP yellow tags, Purple tags etc or simply hook you up with the best Black Tag/Label BMW E46 rack and pinion. But it's not just Beamers – we're ace at fixing up and selling Nissan Skyline and Silvia’s steering racks too. Our shelves are stocked and ready to ship worldwide. So, whether it's getting your Beamer handling smoother & quicker or your Skyline steering sharp, we've got your back, mate!
  • What is your warranty?
    The 12 months warranty covers brand-new and remanufactured products, unless specified otherwise. For steering racks and parts that have undergone testing without remanufacturing or refurbishment, we provide a 60-day warranty, unless specified otherwise.
  • What steering rack do you recommend for my E30, E36 or E46 BMW?
    For your E30, E36, or E46 BMW, we highly recommend opting for the E46 Black Tag/Label steering rack. This recommendation stems from customer feedback and requests, leading us to develop the Black Label specifically to meet those needs. E30 is a bus driving experience if it comes to steering feel. Standard rack is super slow and has 4 turns lock to lock. We can supply all the necessary parts for the E46 Black Label steering conversion! To make it easier for you, we sell ready to go conversion kits in our online shop. E36 Is a simple swap. There is only one thing necessary - to use vented inner tie rods from the E46 steering rack. You can find a nice kit in our online shop (E46 Black Label steering rack + inner tie rods and boots) E46 Is just a plug and play!
  • Why black label over the OEM steering racks?
    Black Label/Tag is 2.5 turns lock to lock and 60mm rod travel per full steering rack revolution. It makes it 20% quicker than any other E46 & Z3 fastest racks. Our Black Label E46 rack Torsion bar responsible for steering rack feel and “heaviness” is designed/based on the CSL Blue Label E46 steering rack. DID YOU KNOW? The E36 and E46 steering racks tend to get a bit loose in the middle over time because their spline design isn't too strong. Fun fact is that the Z3 rack is different—it's beefed up with a tougher and thicker spline design, making it way more solid. A lot of folks reckon the Z3 rack feels much better because of this little detail. Here's the ripper news: our Black Label rack takes after the Z3's strong spline design. That means it's tough as nails and won't get any loose play, even after heaps of use. It's all about giving you a rock-solid and top-notch steering setup that outshines those iffy E36 and E46 racks.
  • Is it not too twitchy for daily use or highways?
    The Black Label/Tag steering rack strikes a perfect balance between performance-oriented aspects like racing and drifting, while still maintaining excellent usability for daily driving. It's engineered to cater to the demands of both worlds, offering enhanced responsiveness and precision that enthusiasts crave during dynamic driving experiences while ensuring comfort and practicality for everyday use. DID YOU KNOW that most of nowadays vehicles like Ford, Kia, Hyundai etc have usually less than 2.5 turns lock to lock?
  • Is this quicker rack going to be a problem for my DSC in BMW E46?
    Out of the hundreds of Black Label steering racks we've sold, we've only had one hiccup regarding the DSC issue. It could be due to the rack not being centred correctly or it might simply be too quick for the setup. But no worries, we've got your back. The good news is, the person who had this issue got it sorted and generously shared the solution on the E46 fanatics forum. You can check it out at this link:
  • What power steering fluid should I use for the black label?
    The Black Label E46 steering rack is pretty forgiving when it comes to power steering fluid types. But for the best performance, we suggest using ATF red fluid.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes, we do ship worldwide. We provide international shipping to our customers with additional shipping charges. Please note that the shipping time may vary depending on the destination country and customs clearance procedures. For more information on international shipping, please contact us at
  • Can I change my order?
    Absolutely but please bear in mind we're all about hustling to process orders ASAP. If you need to make any changes, hit us up real fast. Once your order's in the works, it might be tricky to make changes, so speedy notifications are key to making it happen.
  • Can I swap my old power steering rack for a discount?
    If you're keen on swapping your old power steering rack for a discount we are happy to work something out with you, especially for our local Aussie mates. But for those overseas, it's a bit of a tough call 'cause those shipping costs can really throw a spanner in the works and simply kill the deal.
  • Do you do power steering rack repairs? Which cars?
    We're on it with power steering rack repairs, but with our plans to open up another shop in Europe, we're steering clear of one-time jobs. Our game plan involves rebuilding 20-50 units at a time to keep it cost-effective. However, fixing up that oddball rack for our customers is still on the cards, especially if it's for a BMW or a Nissan Skyline/Silvia steering rack.
  • How long will a repair take?
    Repairs usually take around 24-48 hours.
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