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Power steering fluid leak


At our LPSR repair shop you will receive full comprehensive assistance. Professionals will scrupulously and professionally take care of your parts.

Power steering fluid leak is the most common cause of steering gear failure. It will usually be a power steering pump or a steering rack leak. If there is any sort of steering issue the vehicle is not safe and the fault should be rectified as soon as possible. Your power steering system is a sealed unit, therefore all gaskets and seals must be air tight.

It is especially important that the correct sealing kit is used to make sure it gets your power steering leak fix right the first time. Once the new seals and boots have been fitted they will stop the migration of water and impurities from entering the toothed list, thus stopping further damage to the internal parts. We have the necessary materials and up to date equipment available to fully repair your power steering components, including seal kits, guide sleeves, gear covers, toothed bars, shafts, steering control valves and boots.

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Unfortunately regeneration of your power steering components will not be possible if, amongst other things, the removed part is cracked, threads and fasteners have been damaged, moving mechanisms have become seized or the teeth of the slat and the shaft are mechanically damaged. So the sooner you bring your parts to LPSR for full evaluation the less likely that any of these faults will occur. If you have noticed power steering fluid leak from the steering gear, please contact our shop immediately. Our high quality service goes hand in hand with our attractive price.


If you have seen the evidence of a power steering leak, like oil underneath your vehicle you should immediately take your car to us, a proven service provider; we will assess and professionally repair the transmission fluid leak, so it does not create further expensive migration to the rest of your power steering system.

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