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The power steering rack is responsible for the correct transferal of the steering wheel movements to the vehicle's steering angle. This is one of the key parts in the support system that greatly affects the comfort and safety of your driving.
Therefore, we cannot understate the problems that may occur if there is a problem or fault with this management system.


Rack and pinion repair consists of restoring the steering gear to its full efficiency, in some cases updating its function to make it more efficient and user friendly. Correct repairs, upgrade or steering rack replacement with full diagnostic testing to give you our customer peace of mind and safe driving. The assistance system of your steering gear is a very sensitive and vulnerable mechanism. Complete attention should be paid to any signs of looseness or knocks felt through the steering wheel, as well as transmission fluid leakage from any component.

Power steering rack repair


The services offered by our LPSR repair shop consists of the following:

  • Dismantling of the steering component and checking for damage

  • Full assessments of all parts, items that cannot be used due to fault, failure or damage are replaced. In particular the toothed rack, the pinion, the steering control valve, and the housing will be fully scrutinized and undergo a full professional mechanical treatment

  • After complete overhaul the whole steering gear system will be fully assembled with the complete renewal of all seals, O-rings, Teflon rings and guides.

The steering gear is a key element in the power steering system

Failures are usually related to the steering rod guards through which water and sand enter.
These are the most common defects and are responsible for the majority of steering rack repair or power steering rack replacement.
As usual where is a problem there is a consequence; in this case it leads to corrosion of the toothed rack leaking which ultimately leads to the full failure of your power steering system.

The solution to this problem is adequate protection of the steering gear against the entry of various types of substances and solid particles.
If caught in time you may save yourself the cost of the full replacement of your steering gear.

At LPSR we believe it is crucial that after power steering repair your gear fully regains factory parameters.
We can assure you that you will be fully satisfied, as we will professionally repair your steering equipment with as little down time as possible so you can enjoy the joy of driving your vehicle again. We invite you to utilize the professional services at our LPSR repair facility. Make an appointment now and join the fast expanding group of LPSR satisfied customers!

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