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Have you noticed that the steering in your car is not working properly? Most likely, the gearing is defective and failing. In this situation, you need to contact our highly qualified staff at LPSR immediately so that we can quickly and effectively address the problem. In the majority of cases where there is a leak in your steering gear a new power steering set of seals will be needed and this must be replaced immediately. The replacement of a power steering rack seal kit and or a power steering pump seal kit during the servicing of a steering rack system is a crucial part of any service and a necessity to retain complete safety and control of your vehicle. At our LPSR workshop we will give you the professional help needed. We provide a comprehensive service second to none. Our technicians are of the highest qualification and have gained a high reputation in the industry. We focus primarily on your satisfaction. Entrust your steering gear maintenance to us and start enjoying the pleasure of driving your vehicle once again. We offer reliability, punctuality and competitive prices for all services and parts. Check why you should bet on our LPSR repair shop.

Steering gear - check the most common reasons for its failure

We work with precise and high-quality devices assuring you of 100% satisfaction. For the regeneration of the steering gear, we use only the best quality components that guarantee durability and reliability in every situation. Call us now, we guarantee that we will deal with the problem professionally and comprehensively. Remember that any sort of leak from your power steering is a hazard and disqualifies the vehicle from continued safe use.









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