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Suits BMW E46 

Ensure your vehicle maintains optimal steering precision and handling characteristics with our premium inner and outer tie rods.

Inner Tie Rods:
The inner tie rods are located closer to the center of the vehicle, connecting the steering rack to the outer tie rods.
These components serve as a pivotal link between the steering mechanism and the wheel hub assembly.
Inner tie rods are threaded on one end to connect to the steering rack, while the other end features a ball joint or bushing that attaches to the outer tie rod.
They play a vital role in transmitting steering input from the driver to the wheels, ensuring smooth and controlled maneuverability.

Outer Tie Rods:
Positioned at the outer ends of the steering system, the outer tie rods are connected to the inner tie rods on one end and to the steering knuckles on the other end.
Outer tie rods feature a ball joint or bushing on their inner ends, allowing for articulation and movement as the wheels turn.
These components are responsible for translating the rotational movement from the steering rack into lateral movement, which ultimately steers the wheels.
Outer tie rods are crucial for maintaining proper alignment and steering stability, as they help to adjust the toe angle of the front wheels, ensuring even tire wear and optimal handling characteristics.

Please note that some pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.If you have any questions, concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Inner & Outer tie rods set for BMW E46

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