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BMW E46 RHD Plastic Alignment Fin (Also Known as Plastic Dust Cover, Cap, Seal, etc.)

Genuine plastic alignment fin. Often referred to as a plastic dust cover, plastic cap, or seal, this essential component ensures the optimal alignment and protection of your steering rack's pinion.

Key Features:

  • Genuine BMW Part: This is a genuine second-hand product, ensuring compatibility and authenticity for your BMW E46 RHD 
  • Excellent Condition: Meticulously inspected to guarantee it's in very good condition, ready to replace your damaged or worn-out part.
  • Fits E46 Purple, yellow, green, blue and silver tag RHD steering racks.

    We also have a flexible dust cover without aligning fin. Perfect to protect your steering's rack pinion area from humid, dirt and corrosion. 
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Plastic dust cover / aligning fin cap BMW E46 RHD only

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