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In our LPSR automotive workshop we deal with the regeneration of steering gears used in BMW vehicles. We have qualified specialists with many years of experience who will carry out the professional repairs to all BMW power steering racks, and BMW E30 rack conversion. We are a highly valued workshop offering an up to date regeneration of all BMW power steering rack systems.

The most common reasons for the failure of the power steering rack are punctured protective boots, this puncture can be minute and easily missed under inspection. It is always wise to replace these as a hole or tear in one of them will lead to a leak occurring in your BMW power steering rack or any other make of vehicle and will lead to damage to your steering rack. Another thing to be wary of while driving your car is a tapping noise in the front suspension. In most cases if you can hear this, the sleeves guiding the toothed bar are to blame and will have to be seen to immediately. If you have noticed any irregularities in your BMW steering box or BMW rack and pinion, book a service as soon as possible to the professionals at LPSR who will professionally and effectively repair the fault. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer. Check why you should choose our LPSR repair shop!

See how the steering gear regeneration process in BMW vehicles works.

The fact that the steering gear within your BMW power steering system is not working properly may be caused by a damaged power steering pump. The most common cause is hydraulic oil leakage. To overcome this problem the damaged seals are removed, exchanged and all moving parts rectified. There may also be a mashing effect of the pump and a drop in oil pressure to the steering gear.

In this case, regeneration involves replacement of the paddle drive components and bearings. The entire process of steering gear regeneration in BMW vehicles is primarily about its disassembly into individual components. Later, an assessment of the condition of wear and the possibility of undertaking a repair process takes place. It is important that all components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any damage. The next step is the regeneration of the toothed rack which usually incorporates the grinding, plane of moving surfaces, repair and inspection of the distribution valve, preparation of sliding sleeves, rings and rotary bearings. After all parts have been fully inspected and repaired then, the seals are replaced and the components are fully assembled. The final stage to fully assure our professional team and your safety is a mandatory full quality control inspection at our diagnostic station.

Once your parts has passed our stringent testing and been given full approval it is once again installed in your vehicle. We offer the highest quality services and competitive pricing for servicing for the BMW z3 steering rack, BMW e46 purple tag and the BMW e30 rack conversion

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