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Have you noticed an oil leak from the steering system, or an oil stain underneath your vehicle? This could be a sign that the steering pump has sustained damage. Please contact us as soon as possible before it becomes a real safety hazard. Our professional team of specialists at LPSR will assess the damage and professionally and comprehensively deal with the defect. We are timely, reliable and offer high quality services at great prices. Our past achievements will assure your satisfaction. It should be noted that the failure of the power steering pump can also occur in the form of a mechanical failure. This is manifested by a characteristic, rather loud ratchet or screeching sound when trying to turn in one direction or the other. Remember that any sort of power steering pump problem can have a domino effect thus causing severe damage and consequential failure of the other support elements incorporated within your steerage system, including the steering gear and oil seals. For the eradication of all power steering problems contact LPSR. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer!

Diagnosis and Quotation

It is important to recognise the common power steering issues, how to diagnose them and how to fix them.  

Feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Repair - Rebuilding Process

In our company we make sure that  your steering rack is fully rebuilt using high quality components.

 This process includes replacing  pressure seals, teflons, o-rings, bushes, bearings as well as polishing shafts and cleaning internal parts.


Ask us if you need a rare and unusual power steering rack. We might be able to import it for you!

Custom Projects

If you are working on a custom project and you require  modification or support feel free to contact us!

Entrust the steering pump to experienced specialists

Steering pumps are the basic elements of power steering systems; they have a huge impact on driving comfort and safety. Before replacing this component our specialists at LPSR will remove the booster fluid from the equalizing reservoir, disconnect the pressure hoses and dismount the drive belt. Items that cannot be repaired are replaced, while the rest, including the housing are subjected to proper mechanical scrutiny, overhaul and treatment. This also includes the changing of the seals, bearings and worn bushings. After assembly, all steering pumps are then forwarded to our diagnostic station and their performance is carefully checked. Power steering problems are our forte, you can always be assured that with the replacement of a new part, LPSR we will always refill the hydraulic steering system with new fluid.

When replacing the power steering pump we also check amongst other things, the condition of the drive belt for wear and tightness, adjusting or replacing if needed. Your safety is foremost at LPSR, if you have any doubts what so ever about you power steering system and think that you have a power steering problem, contact us! Entrust your steering pump to proven professionals, LPSR!

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