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Please verify if your E30 is originally equipped with an airbag? This information is essential for us to select the appropriate conversion steering linkage.

This kit includes:



- Tie Rods conversion set (inner and outer) 

- Protective boots to suit the conversion 

- Subframe Spacers 

- Uni Joint (one corse end + one fine end) 


Please note that power steering lines have to be bend or custom made after steering rack installation. Those are not included in our kit. 

We are in a process of developing lines to fit this conversion.


More info about BLACK LABEL steering rack:

(1) Why so much effort for a quicker rack?

- As you probably know, we have been dealing with steering conversion parts for BMW E30, E36 and E46 every day for many years now. Our new and remanufactured goods are shipped all around the world on a daily basis. We talk to our customers, we sort their steering issues, we also advise whenever we can, to get the steering feel optimised as best as possible. Every customer's situation is assessed individually and we are trying to find a solution to simply make everyone happy. That is why we KNEW THAT there is a high demand for a super quick, very responsive steering rack. SO.. HERE WE GO! 


(2) What exactly is our BLACK LABEL 2.5 TURNS SUPER QUICK RACK?

-As you surely know there are plenty of myths regarding the number of turns, what rack fits where and what mods need to be done to get it all to work in your car. As we've stripped, assessed and built 1000s of E30s, E36s, E46s, Z3s racks, we feel more than comfortable to share our knowledge and debunk fake infos you can mostly read online.
-Have you ever heard that the E46 ZHP yellow tag is the best rack? Or is the E46 CSL blue label even better? Purple tag? Quick Z3 rack? Linear and progressive? (there are no progressive racks in E30 E36 E46 and Z3 family - even if the rack splines are WORN and your Uni Joint has a play - it still does not make the rack progressive).  Anyway, guess what? - our BLACK LABEL beats all of them!

- Our E46 Black Label 2.5 turns steering rack HAS ALMOST THE SAME parameters as ALL other standard E46 racks. It means things like: housing (shell), ports orientation, pinion length, pinion angle, pinion splines, threads, rod OD, mounting points, rod length and stroke ARE EXACTLY THE SAME as E46 purple, yellow, silver, blue and green tag. The only difference is obviously the number of turns. 2.5 lock to lock is a GAME CHANGER. It makes it the QUICKEST rack that you can possibly install in your BMW without heavy modifications implemented to your vehicle.
Our E46 BLACK LABEL is incredibly nimble, precise and most importantly not twitchy. Even at high speeds, the steering is very predictable and easy to control. It is a life changer for drifters, racers and everyday drivers!!!


*BMW E46 - It is a direct replacement / swap for every LHD BMW E46. 

*BMW E36 - It is a direct replacement for every LHD BMW E36 (please note you need to use vented inner tie rods! Cannot reuse your E36 inner ones.)
*BMW E30 - It is a standard conversion procedure for every LHD BMW E30 as with installing any other E46 steering rack. If you have already installed the E46 steering rack into your E30 - it will be a direct and simple swap. No more mods and hassle required. 



- Product was developed in accordance with Australian Standards. All the work, design, material, specs etc are strictly discussed and approved by Australian Engineer.

- This is a high performance product and we offer 12 months warranty and as always - an endless after sales support. 

Please note that if you live in Australia every steering modification should be discussed / approved by an Australian Engineer. If you live overseas it is your responsibility to know the laws and legislations in your own country.
You make all modifications at your own risk and you are liable for any damages you might cause yourself. This product should be installed by professionals.  


BMW E30 to BMW E46 Conversion Kit with BLACK LABEL LHD

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