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This is a power steering rack top pinion seal for Nissan vehicles, which can be difficult to find as it is not sold separately by the manufacturer. This particular seal is used for the upper pinion and is not available for purchase separately from the pinion housing itself. This means that even though Nissan has discontinued all the pinion housings, the seal is not available for purchase from them, which can be frustrating for Nissan owners and dealerships alike.

However, the good news is that we have this pinion seal available for purchase, so Nissan owners who are in need of a replacement can still obtain this crucial part.


Measurement: 18.75 x 30 x 5/6


We also offer other essential parts for Nissan models that may be difficult to find elsewhere. This includes O-rings that are compatible with , R32, R33, R34, GTR, Silvia S13, Silvia S14, Silvia S15, 300ZX, Gloria and other Nissan models, as well as bearings that are not available for purchase from any other source. With our wide selection of high-quality parts, Nissan owners can rely on us to provide the solutions they need to keep their power steering running smoothly.



Please note that some pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. If you have any questions, concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

As with any mechanical work associated with critical functions of your vehicle you make all modifications at your own risk and acknowledge that you are liable for any damages you might cause yourself. If you are not comfortable with making these modifications you should not attempt it.

Power Steering Rack Top Pinion Seal Nissan Skyline GTR | R32 | R34 | Silvia

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